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24 января, 2022
Meetup Tour, Одесса
28 января, 2022
Meetup Tour, Киев
1 февраля, 2022
Meetup Tour, Харьков
30 марта, 2022
Конференция по арбитражу трафика, Санкт-Петербург
13-14 апреля, 2022 года
iGB Affiliate London
26 апреля, 2022
Кросс-континентальный форум по партнерскому маркетингу, Москва
Мы сотрудничаем с Gagarin Partners и Покердом уже долгие годы. У нас не было никаких нареканий по работе, с некоторыми из сотрудников знакомы лично, отлично команда, спасибо за партнерство.
CPA Mafia
Gagarin Partners — одна из лучших партнерок в гемблинге. Бомбовые офферы, индивидуальные условия для активных вебов, менеджеры всегда помогают в сложных ситуациях. Очень удобный личный кабинет — не нужно тратить время, чтобы разобраться в интерфейсе. А еще представители ПП регулярно участвуют в оффлайн-мероприятиях, поэтому с ними можно пообщаться лично. Многие читатели CPA Mafia льют через Gagarin Partners. Советуем!
О Gagarin Partners можем сказать только хорошее: отзывчивый саппорт, крутые офферы, с выводом никогда не возникает проблем. И хоть знакомы мы с ребятами не так давно (приблизительно год), уверены, что сотрудничать будем долго и продуктивно. Отдельно хотелось бы похвалить конкурсы — это всегда что-то мощное. Рекомендуем всем, кто работает с гемблингом 🙂
Y*** N***
I've been working with Gagarin for about 7 months and want to tell, that it is the best gambling affiliate program. There are always regular payments, managers help with any requests and problems. And I'd like to say about cool quizzes and presents, given by Gagarin. Thanks you for yourself.
I've been working with Gagarin for half a year.I haven't had any problems during this time. Personal account is easy to use, payments are made every week with a little hold. Rarely in some affiliate programs you can get money the month you work. Managers always reply to raised questions very quickly. And certainly interesting offers with exclusive terms, which allow you to make a profit. So, I can recommend it.
Rodion Longa
We've been friends with Gagarin Partners since 2015. We work with 50+ affiliate programs and I can tell objectively, that guys at Pokerdom's leadership (hello, Inna and Oleg) are big professionals. They are cooperative, informal, flexible and reliable. They are those people "living" by their project like we live by our team.
I have been working in poker for many years and my gambling affiliate career started exactly from working with poker affiliate programs. There were a lot of them, but the majority fell off long time ago for various reasons, only a few remained afloat, including Gagarin with Pokerdom poker room. I work with them from the very beginning. Previously, Pokerdom was among different affiliate programs and now it’s half a year, since they have made their own Affiliate product, which is very cool. They also develop the product and have already added bets and slots, which perfectly affects the convert. In general, the convert has always been high as well as the income. Over the years, a good deal of money has been earned together with Pokerdom and Gagarin in particular. So, I definitely recommend it! They always pay on time, compromise and apply an individual approach, managers stay always in touch, what more could you wish? So I'm glad ;)
It's an excellent affiliate program that develops rapidly in the CIS market. The guys know how to work well with players, what affects the high rate of reg to dep. They are always in touch and are very responsive to their affiliates and there were no delays with payments. It’s great to work with a professional team!
Cpa Bro
Inna is one of the most sincere and impressive media persons and specialists in the gambling and similar topic segment. In my experience, no one holds poker tournaments and events so easily, with a twinkle in the eyes and at the same time knows the subject of product gamification and traffic funnels. A high profile specialist, one of the best advertisers and an Ambassador of the Pokerdom platform. In my opinion, high trust and large credibility define the qualities of this specialist in the best possible way.
We have been working with the company for more than one year, payments are prompt and upon schedule at all times, the approval is excellent and it’s always a pleasure to communicate with the guys. All issues regarding the offers are resolved instantly and professionally. They value their reputation and every time it’s nice to meet in person at the conferences or other events.
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