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  • Direct advertiser: High converting offers
  • Reliability: more than 5 years on the market
  • The best conditions: payouts up to $150 per deposit
  • Flexibility: ready to pay on an individual basis
  • Support: personal manager available 24/7

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Our friends and affiliates

I have been working in poker for many years and my gambling affiliate career started exactly from working with poker affiliate programs. There were a lot of them, but the majority fell off long time ago for various reasons, only a few remained afloat, including Gagarin with Pokerdom poker room. I work with them from the very beginning. Previously, Pokerdom was among different affiliate programs and now it’s half a year, since they have made their own Affiliate product, which is very cool. They also develop the product and have already added bets and slots, which perfectly affects the convert. In general, the convert has always been high as well as the income. Over the years, a good deal of money has been earned together with Pokerdom and Gagarin in particular. So, I definitely recommend it! They always pay on time, compromise and apply an individual approach, managers stay always in touch, what more could you wish? So I'm glad ;)
It's an excellent affiliate program that develops rapidly in the CIS market. The guys know how to work well with players, what affects the high rate of reg to dep. They are always in touch and are very responsive to their affiliates and there were no delays with payments. It’s great to work with a professional team!
Cpa Bro
Inna is one of the most sincere and impressive media persons and specialists in the gambling and similar topic segment. In my experience, no one holds poker tournaments and events so easily, with a twinkle in the eyes and at the same time knows the subject of product gamification and traffic funnels. A high profile specialist, one of the best advertisers and an Ambassador of the Pokerdom platform. In my opinion, high trust and large credibility define the qualities of this specialist in the best possible way.
We have been working with the company for more than one year, payments are prompt and upon schedule at all times, the approval is excellent and it’s always a pleasure to communicate with the guys. All issues regarding the offers are resolved instantly and professionally. They value their reputation and every time it’s nice to meet in person at the conferences or other events.


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Gagarin Partners Affiliate Program - The Best CPA Network for Webmasters

Gagarin Partners is the only one the official CPA partner of the most popular gambling project in the CIS - Pokerdom, all the information about which You can find it at Poker House is a poker room, the most modern online casino, as well as bookmaker with favorable conditions. Safety, convenience, a wide range of gambling entertainment make This resource is very popular among players.

affiliate program Pokerdom casino

Become a Gagarin Partners webmaster today - this will open the door for you to the world of unlimited earnings. PokerDom affiliate program can pay up to $ 150 for CPA for each player who completed the targeted actions.

Affiliate program offers webmasters a wide selection promotional materials, among which each specialist will find the perfect embodiment of their advertising strategy. If you don’t have the necessary materials, you can always order them at Gagarin Partners support service or your personal manager.


CPA affiliates - what is it?

CPA affiliates are intermediary companies that allow advertisers Collaborate effectively with publishers. Using affiliate services allows advertisers to pay only for targeted user actions.

There are always three parties involved in transactions with CPA networks: the network itself, Publisher, which may be the owner of the site or webmaster, as well as the advertiser who places the offers.

The affiliate program does all the work of finding advertisers, selecting publishers, preparing promotional materials, keeping records targeted user actions and is responsible for paying partners. Thanks to the existence of affiliate advertisers you just need to conclude an agreement with the CPA network, assign payment for the work of partners and provide all the necessary materials. Webmasters also need to understand the intricacies of buying traffic on the network and thereby secure for themselves stable profit from cooperation with the Pokerdom network.

Why do we need affiliate networks?

Affiliate Networks are created to attract customers by advertisers through offers. At the same time, professionals do not have to spend time to search for proposals and control the implementation of tasks. All the necessary information about advertisers and webmasters already in the access of affiliate programs, this provides ideal conditions for fruitful cooperation and protection both parties from possible difficulties and violation of the terms of the agreement.

From the advertiser’s point of view, CPA network provides high advertising efficiency with minimal risks. The customer pays for targeted actions users, which means that the marketing budget can be easily and accurately planned.

The webmaster receives proven offers from reliable customers and operates under the protection of an affiliate network. Properly choosing the offer and wisely Having decided on its budget, the arbitrator can adjust his earnings and receive the maximum benefit from affiliate network promotions and bonuses.

Who works with an affiliate CPA network?

Work with the affiliate network is great for all webmasters who value their time and want to get guaranteed profit without too much headache. A webmaster can be either an individual specialist or an agency. When working with an affiliate, a professional must tailor content to the interests of the audience, motivate users perform targeted actions, purchase traffic, use all types of digital advertising without the need to create promotional materials with your own hands.

By bringing customers to the customer, the marketer makes a profit, so that to work efficiently and quickly is in his interests. High-level professionals are always testing new types of sites, try unusual ways of promotion, look for a special approach to each offer.

CPA affiliates help make money both for people without a source of traffic and for owners of online platforms. Site owners are always looking A convenient way to monetize your resource. CPA marketing is an effective channel for monetizing any traffic source, whether it's a blog or website, a page or a group on social networks, a Youtube channel, etc.

People not having own source of traffic, earn on CPA networks by buying traffic from other market participants. This method requires more professionalism from the webmaster, but carries fewer risks, because it provides an opportunity diversify earnings channels. Of course, in this case, the affiliate will need to do a lot of work: to study the catalog of channels for posting materials, analyze user reviews of the customer’s resource, but the result of these actions will pay off very soon.

Affiliate programs, in fact, are intermediaries between affiliates and advertisers. Thanks to them, arbitrageurs can find the best deals in the global market. Thanks to the Gagarin affiliate program, affiliates can earn money using the top entertainment gambling resource poker house. Its popularity is facilitated by the availability of a convenient mobile version of the application, the ability of players from such countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus to play in their own currency and communicate in their native language.

How much can I earn with a CPA affiliate in 2020?

CPA affiliates give webmasters the opportunity to secure a good source income, almost without limiting the upper bar of earnings. At the same time, affiliate programs of gambling companies often provide the most advantageous offers to pay for targeted user actions.

Affiliates they offer work both with payment for registration of each player brought in, as well as payment as a percentage of the amount spent by a player on a deposit. Thanks to this model of earnings, webmasters can multiply their day to day earnings and go as a result to the possibility of obtaining passive income. Successful webmasters earn six and seven-figure sums, however, even starting earnings in the form of a couple of thousand dollars attract many new specialists.

How to make money on affiliate programs: casino traffic arbitrage

Arbitration of traffic for the casino is considered the most promising direction in the work of the webmaster. According to the data, published by Juniper Research, already in 2021, the amount of bets in all online will reach a trillion dollars. This amount will be divided between the gambling establishments themselves and the participants of affiliate programs. This shocking The forecast makes the work of a webmaster in affiliate programs from gambling houses very attractive. In the interests of any business - execution of this forecast and attracting the maximum number of new customers. And thanks to affiliate programs advertisers do it in a legal and maximally efficient way with minimal risk.

Webmaster in this situation, he must choose an offer that will suit him according to the requirements and range of interests. Now a specialist needs only to seek, attract and retain an audience, study its needs and use any the ability to convey to the user useful information about the services of the advertiser, regularly update links, create mirrors. In this work, you need to take into account regular fluctuations in income, collect statistics and analyze every period of work in the affiliate network, working on errors.

Types of affiliate programs?

Gagarin affiliate program allows you to work on the CPA model and dynamic RevShare, in which profit calculated according to an individual formula and can range from 25% to 45% of the advertiser’s profit. Customized the terms of the affiliate, the arbitration specialist should be clarified with a personal manager.

Besides, in Gagarin Partners offers favorable conditions for a sub-partner, in which the master receives referral bonuses for attracting new managers to the affiliate program. Bonuses account for 5% of the total earnings of all sub-partners, which helps to consistently receive passive income.

How to choose an offer?

Offer is a service, application, product or any other offer to which the customer offers the contractor to pour traffic that is redirected using affiliate tools. When choosing an offer, a novice webmaster must pay special attention to working conditions and cost of leads. A competent choice of offers requires an in-depth analysis of these conditions, so novice market participants often fail at first and feel like not using services CPA networks.

In fact, the first transactions in this area in most cases bring performers to zero or minus. This is a kind of payment for training, but it is not at all necessary to fail. Necessary from the very began to pay special attention to such factors as selecting an offer such as:

  • relevance
  • theme
  • geography
  • lead type
  • amount of remuneration for lead generation
  • seasonality
  • traffic sources
  • hold.

Novice webmasters need to choose a related topic, take seasonality and relevance into account, calculate the expected conversion, the amount of traffic, the duration of the hold, and also calculate the margin of such work in advance.

The most profitable casino offers Pokerdom

Gagarin Partners offers webmasters to easily find the most lucrative offers from casino Poker. To do this, you need to make just a few simple steps:

  • First you need to go through the quick registration procedure on the main page of the official website Gagarin.Partners.

  • Now you should confirm the registration by clicking on the link from the email.

  • We go to the affiliate program’s personal account, go to the offers section.

  • Here you can view the entire list of available offers, select the ones that are suitable. Additional information on each offer can be found by clicking on the name of this offer.

  • The “Request Access” button starts the cooperation process with the selected offer. Here you will need to specify sources of Internet traffic, describe its quality. If your offer meets the conditions of the affiliate program, the offer will be accepted, and you will receive all the necessary promotional materials.

Gagarin - Affiliate Marketing for Webmasters

Affiliate marketing for webmasters in sepia affiliate program Pokerdom allows arbitrageurs to work on the principle of CPL and receive honest payment for the work done.

Affiliate can receive referral bonuses for attracting sub-partners. The Gagarin CPU system tops the ranking of the most successful spa partners in the gambling world and provides access to the base of the most attractive offers for affiliates interested in gambling.

Frequently asked questions about affiliate programs:

💰 What is traffic pouring?

This is the process of redirecting visitors through an affiliate link to a specific site. This means directing traffic to some product or service so that they make a purchase or subscribe.

❤️ How to choose a reliable affiliate program?

When choosing an affiliate program, you should pay attention to such things:

  • Relevance of the topic;
  • Geography and seasonality;
  • Technical support 24/7;
  • Competition and remuneration.

🍀 How to make money on affiliate programs from scratch in 2020?

If your site already has traffic, you can redirect it to another offer using referral links. There are also alternative sources of targeted traffic:

  • Media
  • Context
  • SEO traffic
  • Email Newsletters, etc

💎 What are the offers in the Gagarin Partners affiliate program?

Gagarin Partners provides its users with 8 types of offers: casino, betting and poker

  • Poker Casino + Revenue Share
  • Poker Betting Revenue Share
  • Poker CPA Casino
  • Poker revenue Casino Revenue Share
  • Poker CPA Casino Qualifier
  • Poker Betting CPA
  • Poker CPA
  • Poker CPA Qualifier Poker

💵 How does the affiliate pay money?

Our service makes weekly automatic payments to its web sites every Tuesday. The minimum withdrawal amount for payment systems is $ 200. The minimum amount of a bank transfer is $ 2000.